The SAO Utilities Project – development log

SAO Utils Develop Progress
Version Alpha2 Iteration 3 Alpha Test
Platform Windows(Windows2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win⑨)
Size 23M (Programs:9M + Fonts:9M + Images + Sounds)
SAO Utils Develop Log
model alpha beta v1.0
m1 m2 a1 a2 b1 b2
Beta 2 (Plan) 1.3D Menu.
2.Out of Bounds Animate.
Beta 1 (Plan) 1.Plug-in Platform.
2.Mail Box Plug-in.
3.Online Users Plug-in.
2014-02-04 1.Happy Chinese New Year!
2.Alpha 2 Hotfix 2 Release.
2013-11-09 1.Celebrate for SAO Animation 2nd Season. ^_^
2013-11-09 1.Alpha 2 Hotfix 1 Release.
2013-10-05 1.Alpha 2 Release.
2.Add 3D startup animation.
3.Improve HP-Bar.
4.Looping menu.


WANTED: The Navigation Pixie – YUI Character Set for SAO Utils


  • Slide to Launch

  • Anywhere and whenever,
    Holds both LMB and RMB and slide down to call the launcher.

  • Arrange as You like

  • Press and hold the items you want to edit,
    then press and hold the “Modify” to add/rearrange/delete current item.

  • Launch whenever & wherever

  • Add your applications, launch anytime and anywhere.

    Only “List Menu” could own items which can launch programs.
  • 3D Opening Animate

  • 3D Normal

    3D Stereo

    Change Log

    2014.02.06 – Alpha 2 Hotfix 2 Emergency Fix

    1. Fix crash on logging out/shut down/reboot on some system.
    2. Fix some missing files in the hotfix package.

    2014.02.04 – Alpha2 Hotfix2

    1. Fix crash if exit more than once.
    2. Fix plug-ins drag bug in locking mode.
    3. Fix mouse hangs on startup or exit program. (#355)
    4. Fix a missing gesture recovery message translation.
    5. Fix url and command icon action dialogs are overlapped after popping up.
    6. Add warning when executing failed.
    7. Add more information to the about dialog.
    8. Add platform postfix to version information.
    9. Add “Quick Launch” plugin.
    10. Add “Cardinal System”(YUI) plugin.
    11. Add plugin details information panel.
    12. Add “Manage Plug-ins” item to plugin menu.
    13. Add gif support to Image Widget. (#215)
    14. Add Auto Hide & Refresh Interval option to HP-Bar. (#337)
    15. Make HP-Bar, Image Widget and System Monitor pluggable.
    16. Enable display mode option in performance panel.(for startup animation issue). (#234)
    17. Adjust translation for all languages.
    18. Adjust startup animation and plug-ins display order.
    19. Fonts update by darkblackswords.
    20. German support by Tails32.
    21. Translation sources update to v0.6.



    Visit BUG Tracker about SAO Utils project.

    1. Download 32bit/64bit program & latest patch packages
    2. Unzip program package to a folder.
    3. Run SAO Utils.exe to LINK START!


  • 3D Launcher Menu

  • Breathing Effect

    Scaling Effect

    Rotating Effect


    Alpha2 32bit Full (featured)
    Alpha2 64bit Full (featured)
    Including programs for 32/64bit windows and icon packages, with EN/CHS/TW/JP language support.
    Program Resources v0.3
    Icon & background resouces from SAO Utils.

    Alpha2 Hotfix2 32bit: 64bit:
    Recommand to update for all users. To know more, please see Change Log.

    简体中文支持 v0.6
    繁體中文支援 v0.6
    日本語対応 v0.6
    한국어 지원 v0.5
    ภาษาไทย สนับสนุน v0.4
    русский поддерживать v0.4
    Deutsch-Unterstützung v0.2
    Apoyo español v0.1
    Unzip files into ./Langs directory of SAO Utils.
    New Translation File v0.6
    Translation File CHS0.6
    Translation File CHT0.6
    Translation File JP0.6
    Translation File KO0.6
    Translation File TH0.6
    Translation File RU0.6
    Translation File DE0.6
    Translation File ES0.6

    SAO Utils BUG Report Click Me
    SAO Utils Usage Video(CHS) Click Me
    SAO Utils Usage Video(JP) Click Me
    SAO Utils DEMO Video Click Me


    Here’s talking about common problems referred by users.

    1. Q: What does the LV in the HP-Bar means? & why does it reset to LV1 every time I restart the program?
      A: The LV of HP-Bar indicate the up-time of SAO Utils, so you will lose your previous LV if you close it.
    2. Q: How can I add a Catalog Menu or List Menu in the main menu?
      A: To add sub-menus in the main menu:
      1.Long press the first icon(others are system icons & cannot be modified);
      2.Long press agin on the ‘Modify’ itrem;
      3.Click “+”(Add) on the editing tray.
    3. Q: How can I add short cuts in List Menu?
      A: For the restriction of file picking dialog, we can’t pick up short cuts(*.lnk) directly. If you pick up a short cut in a file dialog, you will actually pick up the target file of the short cut, so exttra infomation such as CMD & params in the short cut will be lost. To pick up a short cut (temporary):
      1Choose ‘Command’ in the ‘Action’ label, click ‘…’ button then input the short cut path like: C:\notepad.exe.lnk;
      2.Switch ‘Command’ to ‘File’ in ‘Action’ label, Save.
    4. Q: How can I add system folders such as Computer, Videos and Music folder?
      A: For the restriction of folder picking dialog, we can’t pick up a vitual folder directly. To pick up a virtual or system folder:
      1.Choose ‘url’ in the ‘Action’ label, click ‘…’ button then input on of the strings:
      Computer: file://::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
      Labraries: file://::{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}
      Documents: file://::{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}\Documents.library-ms
      Music: file://::{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}\Music.library-ms
      Pictures: file://::{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}\Pictures.library-ms
      Videos: file://::{031E4825-7B94-4dc3-B131-E946B44C8DD5}\Videos.library-ms
      Recycle Bin: file://::{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
    5. Q: Useful commands?
      A: From the internet:
      Shut Down: shutdown.exe -s -t 0
      Reboot: shutdown.exe -r -t 0
      Lock: rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation
      Suspend: rundll32.exe powrProf.dll,SetSuspendState
      Command Line: cmd
      Notepad: notepad
      Calculator: calc
    6. Q: About icons?
      A: SAO Utils Full contains 200+ sets of icons in the Images folder of program, there are two types of icons in corresponding:
      Images/symbol: symbol icons for the first level menu.
      Images/icon: circle icons for both Catalog Menu & List Menu.
      • liaoruochen82
      • 03/03. 2014 12:13am

      开发者你好,我很喜欢SAO Utils,我更希望你能尽快推出适用于win8平板的SAO Utils。我的surface pro2 已经饥渴难耐了~~

      • 目前SAO Utils对win8完全兼容的啊,如果需要下滑呼出的话,可以尝试在设置面板把手势功能的”左键+右键+下滑”改成”左键+下滑”?

      • naoki
      • 03/02. 2014 10:41pm


      • (╯°Д°)╯︵ ┻━┻
      • 03/02. 2014 9:03pm

      话说 咱之前没遇到过 上次更新完 关机就会弹出一个错误窗口 因为太快了也没看清是啥玩意 是强行关闭SAO的问题?

      但是原来都没遇到过 咱当初还以为咱的7娘生病了233

      • 转角踩到bb
      • 03/02. 2014 4:11pm

      开发者你好,我很喜欢SAO Utils

      但我感觉SAO Utils在高分辨率屏幕下的体验不够完美,主要是图标神马的太小了,我的电脑是1920*1080的

      • Ramon
      • 03/02. 2014 2:07pm

      开发者大大你好~~我非常喜欢这个SAO Utils

      但是我现在一个是启动动画 只有第一次启动的时候有 以后就再出不来了
      还有一个是视频里看长按后就可以编辑按钮 但是我怎么长按都没有反应 不知道开发者大大能不能帮帮我

      • Hazel
      • 03/02. 2014 12:37pm

      It’s not show the 3D Animation when i run this program (It’s dark screen when “Link start”)? how can i fix it?

      • 查理
      • 03/02. 2014 9:54am


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