WANTED: The Navigation Pixie – YUI Character Set for SAO Utils


Character: The Navigation Pixie – YUI (The ALO set is recommended)

Form: Original, one full body portrait without background

Size: Unlimited (1:1 aspect,at least 320x320px)

Deadline: Undefined (at least last for 2 months)

Tools: Any 2D drawing softwares

Submission: studiogpbeta#gmail.com (Please specify "立绘募集" for the title)

  Only accept full body portraits with any poses and expressions, transparent background is required but you can draw some scene objects if you like.
  We are going to hold a vote for this event, the most popular work could be chosen as the default appearance for the YUI navigation pixie plug-in for SAO Utils. The artist who won the most votes should draw the rest expressions for YUI, and the others could go on drawing that expressions too, which will be shared on my blog with the SAO fans as the optional appearances.


    • vivid
    • 02/23. 2017 2:19pm

    一打开输入昵称登录以后就在一直连接中~~~ [泪]

      • 杜小宇
      • 03/16. 2017 9:48pm


    • Brahmagupta
    • 02/06. 2017 9:48pm


  1. 有生之年

  2. 马克一下 一直用你的软件 学游戏设计的 过年试试投稿

    • Tien
    • 12/08. 2016 11:46pm


    • 丨栗子
    • 11/25. 2016 9:29am

    支持 [太开心] 作者可以弄个募捐啥的 1元 几元的还是有的!!!!!!!!!

    • Clannad
    • 11/17. 2016 2:50pm

    期待YUI! 快点发布吧 支持你们! 大爱

    • XL
    • 10/29. 2016 11:35am


    • 黑月
    • 10/24. 2016 5:34pm


    • 白开水。
    • 10/03. 2016 4:49am

    我想要个铜人的 拜托这几天做一个 谢谢

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