The SAO Utilities Project – development log

SAO Utils Develop Progress
Version Alpha 2 Iteration 3 Download
Platform Windows(Windows2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win⑨)
Size 24M (Programs:9M + Fonts:9M + Images + Sounds)
SAO Utils Develop Log
model alpha beta v1.0
m1 m2 a1 a2 b1 b2
Beta 1 (Plan) 1.3D Menu.
2.Plug-in Platform.
Alpha 3 (Plan) 1.Rebuild UI.
2.Theme System(SAO/ALO/GGO).
3.Auto Update.
4.Out of Bounds Animate.
2014-10-01 1.Alpha 2 Hotfix 4 Release.
2014-07-28 1.SAO Utils User Community is online!
2014-07-09 1.Add ‘Mail Box’ email chat client plugin.
2.Add ‘Bangumi’ daily animation table plugin.
3.Alpha 2 Hotfix 3 Release.
2014-02-04 1.Happy Chinese New Year!
2.Alpha 2 Hotfix 2 Release.
2013-11-09 1.Celebrate for SAO Animation 2nd Season. ^_^
2013-11-09 1.Alpha 2 Hotfix 1 Release.
2013-10-05 1.Alpha 2 Release.
2.Add 3D startup animation.
3.Improve HP-Bar.
4.Looping menu.

開発ログ in 日本語 >

开发日志 in 中文 >

SAO Utils Alpha 2 is deprecated, new logs will be updated to Latest Development Page.


WANTED: The Navigation Pixie – YUI Character Set for SAO Utils


Performance about The new SAO Utils startup animation

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  • Slide to Launch

  • Anywhere and whenever,
    Holds both LMB and RMB and slide down to call the launcher.

  • Arrange as You like

  • Press and hold the items you want to edit,
    then press and hold the “Modify” to add/rearrange/delete current item.

  • Launch whenever & wherever

  • Add your applications, launch anytime and anywhere.

    Only “List Menu” could own items which can launch programs.
  • 3D Opening Animate

  • 3D Normal

    3D Stereo

    Change Log

    2014.10.01 – Alpha 2 Hotfix 4

    1. Fix a number of sound issues.
    2. Fix a number of startup animation issues.
    3. Fix translation missing for update notification.
    4. Fix widgets display and move issues on some devices.
    5. Fix message popup panel sometimes covered by other winodws. (Mail box)
    6. Fix 1 place of Chinese translation lost. (Mail Box)
    7. Fix dialog windows hang on Windows XP. (Mail Box) (500)
    8. Fix cannot use mouse scroll after switch pages in User List panel. (Mail Box)
    9. Fix ‘Error parsing XML’ when switching animate list. (Bangumi) (539)
    10. Fix ‘Invalid image format’ in animate information panel. (Bangumi)
    11. Add update notes to updater notice panel.
    12. Add process exclusion for mouse gesture function.
    13. Add page switching input to User List panel. (Mail Box)
    14. Add TLS support for POP3/SMTP service. (Mail Box)
    15. Add fuzzy locale matching to animation display name. (Bangumi)
    16. Improve YUI locale language matching. (Cardinal System)
    17. Improve startup animation effect and performance.
    18. Replace OpenGL with Direct 3D API for startup animation.
    19. Replace OpenAL with Windows Wave Out for wave playback system.
    20. French support by Nasus En Feu.
    21. Portuguese support by Johnny Wolinger.
    22. Translation sources update to v0.8.



    Visit BUG Tracker about SAO Utils project.


  • 3D Launcher Menu

  • Breathing Effect

    Scaling Effect

    Rotating Effect

    Downloads > I want to make a donation!

      Update SAO Utils from previous version

    1. Download 32bit/64bit latest patch packages.
    2. Exit running SAO Utils.
    3. Unzip package to SAO Utils original folder.
    4. Run SAO Utils.exe to LINK START!

    * SAO Utils Alpha 2 is deprecated, please download at the Latest Development Page.

    Language Packages
    Lanuage Version File Name
    한국어 지원 v0.6
    ภาษาไทย สนับสนุน v0.4
    русский поддерживать v0.6
    Deutsch-Unterstützung v0.4
    Apoyo español v0.4
    sostegno italiano v0.3
    soutien français v0.1
    Suporte português v0.1
    Usage   Unzip package to “Langs” folder of SAO Utils.
    New Translation Template v0.7
    Translation Files CHS
    Other Resources
    Description Link  
    SAO Official Character Set Widgets Downlaod Preview
    SAO Utils Resources v0.3 Downlaod  
    SAO Icons by Stan van Houten Downlaod Preview
    SAO Utils Alpha 2 Usage Video(CHS) av498002  
    SAO Utils Alpha 1 DEMO Video(JP)? sm20349576  
    SAO Utils Alpha 1 DEMO Video(CHS) av391616  
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